Message from Tim

Message from Tim

How can I get involved?

First of all, it’s a miracle and a testimony that MXTV has been sustained for over fourteen years, one gift at a time, by “regular people” - just like you. By being a non-profit 501(c)(3), with God’s help MXTV raises all the funds that it takes to run a growing ministry.

Your gift allows 2 full time staff members, plus videographers, editors, writers, production assistants, a webmaster, and several web & graphic designers to do what God has called them to do. And don’t forget closed captioning, travel, purchasing & maintaining editing equipment, several cameras and other needed gear. Of course there are tapes, office supplies, mailing, etc.

How have we done this so far? For the past 19 years, MXTV exists on every level due to the generosity of individuals that want to see young people come to Christ. By giving, you become both an “executive producer” of MXTV and receive a tax deduction. That’s ‘two’ cool!

Click here to partner with MXTV. You can become one of the monthly, quarterly, yearly or one-time donators. We continue because of YOU!